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NYC AIDS Walk Shirts

Mandarin Market Packaging & Website

NBA Logos

As a huge NBA fan, and a graphic designer... how could I not try my hand at re-designing some iconic NBA logos? I started with a few Western Conference playoff teams. More to come soon!

Spaghettio's Micros

Big Red Rooster • Alarm Clocks

Campbell's Warhol 8 Pack

Student work

Pinaculo Restaurant

A fictional restaurant identity: Pinaculo, is the pinnacle of mexican cuisine, and reflects the ancient Aztec roots of the cherished cantina.

Dangerous Curves Catalogue

Dangerous Curves: Art of the Guitar, is a fictional catalogue for a real exhibition that took place at The Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. Dangerous Curves broke new ground by celebrating the guitar as an objet d'art, addressing why this icon of popular culture has undergone far greater changes than any other musical instrument. Based on the feminine curvature and aesthetic beauty of the guitars, the catalogue is ment to be reminiscent of a pornographic magazine.   

Hemingway Book Covers

Inspired by the gritty and downtrodden nature of the so-called "Lost Generation" created a dust jacket series based on three iconic books by acclaimed American author Ernest Hemingway.

State Fair Salsa

Scaglietti Catalogue

A catalogue for a fictional exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art about he legendary Italian coach-builder Sergio Scaglietti. His hand-crafted vehicles were some of the fastest and most beautiful race-cars built during the so-called "Golden Age" of racing.

Grimm's Beauty Products

Once upon a time, there was beauty product line based on the macabre German children's book Grimm's Fairy Tales. This grim product line of cleanser, foundation, and moisturizer will keep any damsel out of distress. Grimm's features familiar beauties like Snow White, and will help any fair maiden live happily ever after.

Totally Organic Fruit Punch

Kabbalah Identity

Where religion meets ancient mysticism to reveal the mysteries of our past. Where dance meets music and acrobatics to explore the origins of humanity. Where awe and excitement, meet suspense and wonder -- there is Kabbalah.  Kabbalah is Cirque du Soleil's newest traveling show is based on early man's search for answers through a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.

Grand Prix Champagne

Celebrate the thrill of a race, and the glory of victory with Grand Prix Champagne. Inspired by the Ford GT40 that won the 24 Hours of Le Man's four times in row, from 1966 to 1969. This champagne pays homage to vintage racing and the natural elation that comes with any celebration that warrants popping the cork. This is a natural-vintage extra dry brut champagne, that uses pinot noir grapes, and was bottled in the Champagne region of France in 1976.